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9282 Boul. Lacordaire, Saint-Léonard, QC H1R 2B7


Childcare Centre in Saint-Léonard

The NID DES PAPILLONS NURSERY is located in Saint-Léonard, next to Anjou, in the city of Montreal.

A qualified team will take care of your child.

A stimulating environment for your child’s development

A stimulating environment for your child’s development

At the Le NID DES PAPILLONS NURSERY, we set up instructional activities for the little toddlers. Our professional staff are passionate and qualified, stimulate the development of your tiny tots and ensure they receive the best education. We have taken care of 50 children and 5 babies since the opening of our Nursery School in 2011.

We take care of your children in a welcoming and safe environment that is perfect for their stimulation. We consider the personality and individual needs of each child as the well-being of the toddlers is our priority. This enables us to perfectly prepare them for a social life.

We take care of your child’s well-being.

A qualified team for the toddlers

So much more than a private nursery, your child is a member of our big family. We also hold a licence issued by the Ministère de la famille, des aînés et de la condition féminine. Your child is welcomed into a healthy environment, which helps all develop the personality: be it on a physical, social, emotional, intellectual or even moral level.

Our teachers chose a teaching approach which will contribute to a balanced development for your child. The programmes, classes and activities are adapted to their age. In terms of food served, we offer a varied and balanced menu, all made with fresh products.

We guide your child through numerous activities.

Childcare Saint-Léonard

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9282 Boul. Lacordaire,

Saint-Léonard, QC H1R 2B7

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